Bespoke Post :: Roast box review

bespoke-post-roast-coffee-boxRetail price:

  • Aerobie Aeropress: $25.95
  • Hario Skerton ceramic coffee grinder: $45-$60
  • Cafe Integral Santa Isabel Coffee – exclusive to Bespoke Post: approximate $18-$20

total retail value: $88.95
Bespoke Post price: $45

Watch the below video for my review.

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Edit Jan. 13, 2013: In case you find yourself in need of justifying any of the above items, check out this article at The Atlantic on the health benefits of drinking coffee:

First Look: Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrel Aged Spiced Cherry Bitters

A new offering – impressively nothing like the other three.

The new official Woodford Reserve product from Matt Jamie’s Bourbon Barrel Foods.

This one has been under development for quite a while. Matt Jamie worked directly with WR’s Master Distiller Chris Morris to craft a bitters especially suited for bourbon-based cocktails. Continue reading First Look: Woodford Reserve Bourbon Barrel Aged Spiced Cherry Bitters

Two Reviews: Alltech’s Bourbon Barrel Stout & West Sixth’s Slap Happy


As a surprise to no one, I’m a big fan of whiskey barrel aged beers. Being that I am fortunate enough to live in the heart of bourbon country where we are experiencing a renaissance of craft brewing, I have easy access to a pretty decent number of bourbon barrel beers.

Prior to this writing, Alltech’s infamous Bourbon Barrel Ale was my hands-down favorite with BBC’s Bourbon Barrel Stout in second place. So let it also surprise no one that I picked up a 4-pack of the new Alltech Bourbon Barrel Stout right out of the delivery box – it never even hit the shelf.

 Alltech’s Bourbon Barrel Stout

Yep, the label’s coming off the bottle. Not something I would ever hold against the contents of said bottle but in this case it should have been an indicator of things to come … Continue reading Two Reviews: Alltech’s Bourbon Barrel Stout & West Sixth’s Slap Happy

Review: Bespoke Post’s Smoky Burb

Description from Bespoke Post: “The modestly spicy love child of a dirty martini, and a whiskey sour.” Full recipe here.

When I found out I was getting a gift of the November 2012 Bespoke Post – the Slate box – I immediately checked the website for the list of goodies inside. (You can see my unboxing and review videos here.) My professional curiosity was piqued by a front and center cocktail recipe using the brine from the spicy pickled okra, aka the Smokra. Continue reading Review: Bespoke Post’s Smoky Burb

Review: Hudepohl Classic Porter

For a long time I had an aversion to American beers on principle. The principle being that the phrase ‘American beer’ represented an oxymoron at best and an outright fiction at worst. There were beers, of course, and beer-like things made in America, but there was nothing in my experience that was a combination of the two. This was an unfortunate time for me, but then I learned about craft beers. Continue reading Review: Hudepohl Classic Porter